1. Feist X Timber Timbre - Homage.

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  3. abeginnersmistakes:

    Feist’s “Undiscovered First” From the Basement

    Such a jam.

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  4. goodtoknownow:

    Feist - Closing Time (Leonard Cohen cover)

    Why is this not available anywhere else?

  5. mourirmourir:

    Feist WIP

  6. awildcolt:

    Feist - The Bad in Each Other

  7. almost crimes
    looks just like the sun
    pacific theme
    anthems for a 17-year-old girl
    almost crimes
    pacific theme


    Broken Social Scene @ Field Trip Music & Arts Festival

    June 8, 2013 - Toronto


  10. caipirinhademorango:

    Feist - The Build Up - Live in San Francisco

    @Bimbos 365 Club - March, 2005.

    Opening for APOSTLE OF HUSTLE and STARS. *________*

    btw great channel.